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Brian Brink
President, Brink Terminals
"If you're not used to working with local government and knowing all the ins and outs because there's a lot more to it than just making the decisions that this is what we want to do. But, Bay Future was able to direct us with the right people to quickly move things along."
Brian Money
‎General Manager Compound Semiconductor Solutions, Dow Corning Corp.
"By working with Bay Future and other agencies such as the MEDC, the Bay County Road Commission, Williams Township, we were able to secure incentives that re-enforced the competitiveness of the Auburn Site. Dow Corning can invest anywhere in the world and we want to invest right here in Bay County."
James Fabiano II
President of Fabiano Brothers, Inc.
"We consolidated most of our facilities into the Monitor Twp. facility that we're in now in May of 2009. Within 18 months we were able to make some acquisitions that forced us to add on to the 200,000 square feet we already had here, put an addition on and completed it in 2011 adding 100,000 square feet. And with the infrastructure of the highway where it's at with US -10 right in front of us, one mile from I-75, we couldn't have picked a better place. Bay County is it!

We've all got to work together. I need Bay Future... I need local governments working together with us because without it things like this just won't happen."
Joe Janicke
President, Bay View Foods/Mr. Chips
"1946 Bay View Foods was established, and incorporated. We ran it as a briner/shipper business until the year 2000 when I started Mr. Chips. At that point in time we went into servicing food service in restaurant chain using cucumbers from the Bay View side of the business. And since that time we've had consistent growth. In this last year we put on a 34,000 square foot expansion warehouse and processing. Thanks to Bay Future we had a tax abatement in Fraser twp. They went along with it. Definitely a help with business today.

I believe you have to continue to grow or you die. The idea of gardening existing businesses, to me, makes a lot of sense, for who we have here to try and help them along."
Mark Flegenheimer
President & CEO, Michigan Sugar Company
"As a company that has been in business in Bay County for nearly 115 years, we have a deep and strong foundation here. We believe that as Bay County prospers and grows, it provides a great place for our employees to live, work, and play. Bay Future's strategic plan will accelerate the positive things happening in our area."
Mark Van Voorhees
Project Manager, Thistledown Farms/Everbest Organics
"Welcome to Thistledown Farms. This is going to be our processing facility for organic beans to be shipped around the world.

Well, the first thing that we were looking for was a location that was close to the agricultural area to allow the farmers to bring the product in. But, we also had to be close enough to the highway so we can get the finished product out of here and the fact that there was a rail spur here was also exciting to us, to be able to bring product in and to be able to bring product out, eventually.

The exciting thing was is that we came to Bay County because of the geographic location, what we didn't expect was the help we were going to get from Bay Future and the State of Michigan on this project, and also the local taxing authority. They went out of their way to help us on this project."
Mary Kulis
Area Manager, Consumers Energy
"With competition for jobs and development at an all-time high, there is no standing still. Our peers throughout the state and region are conducting economic fundraising efforts right now. We have the right team and a strong strategic plan in place at Bay Future to deliver results. I am confident business and community leaders will support Bay Future's efforts to achieve sustainable growth and prosperity for our community."
Pat O'Brien
Owner, Emcor, Inc.
"They (Bay Future, Inc.) really have a lot of ideas on how to finance your business, how to get tax breaks, as simple as buying the property, putting up a building, finding a location in the area. They're just a plethora of information. And you're really short selling yourself if you don't go over there and use them to the fullest extent."
Tim Boutell
CEO/COO, Firehouse Soft Car Wash/Boutell Enterprise
"As a lifelong resident of the area, it's important that Bay County continue to grow. Our quality of life is second to none and it is critical to have the resources available to attract new business, retain firms that are currently here while developing young professionals and entrepreneurs. As the economy improves, we must join together as a community to ensure the economic future of Bay County. The Future Is Now Campaign is the right plan at the right time and I challenge everyone to consider making an investment when called on."
Tom Ittner
Manufacturing Executive, Ittner Bean and Grain
"Bay Future and the MEDC were instrumental in instigating and developing our Industrial Development District for our plant and for implementing the industrial abatement program for our project. This has helped out significantly! We appreciate all the help they did. (Bay Future, Inc.) came to the Auburn meetings and helped push it through, provided some support, and we got the project rolling."

Our Mission

Bay Future, Inc. is dedicated to facilitating economic development strategies that promote and secure opportunities for business retention, growth, and the attraction of new industries that create quality jobs for community residents.

Targeted Industries

Bay Future's proactive marketing and attraction efforts are focused on specific target industries identified and outlined in the Capital Campaign process.  We believe we offer these industries a distinct competitive advantage over other communities. Whether it is access to talent, infrastructure, or incentives, Bay County has what these industries are looking for.



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